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Our management team firmly dedicates itself to providing customers with products of the very highest quality standards.

Products are manufactured and supplied in accordance with industry norms, as well as our customers' own corporate standards.

Specifications and control plans are strictly adhered too.

Each of our suppliers operates according to internationally recognised Quality Management System standards, such as ISO9001 or TS16949.

Our Quality Policy, together with all aspects of our company's Quality System, is respected by mandate and is observed by all who act, in whatever capacity, on our behalf.

The management team engages in regular communication with all employees to ensure that the Quality Policy is understood, implemented, and maintained at all levels.

Given the progressive nature of quality assurance, the management team undertakes to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality System, to ensure our position at the forefront of quality matters, together with our ongoing compliance with our customer needs and expectations.

Our appointed Quality Managers have independent authority and responsibility for the maintenance and execution of the company's Quality System.

Through our dedication to continuous improvement, we underline our commitment to the delivery of outstanding quality products on time and within agreed budgets, thus ensuring that we exceed our customers expectations.

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